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The utility industry is in the midst of profound change. New technologies are empowering cleaner, more efficient energy resources and a stronger grid. Communications systems are the key to this evolving industry. UTC sits at the intersection where the energy and tech communities come together. Listen in as we discuss the latest trends, business opportunities, policies, and related issues like diversity and workforce development. Meet us at the Intersection!

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  • Episode 1: The Intersection: Where the Energy and Technology Worlds Come Together

    August 18th, 2021  |  11 mins 44 secs
    broadband, dei, diversity, energy, energytwitter, environmental justice, workforce development

    Join us for UTC's new podcast! Listen in as UTC President & CEO Sheryl Osiene-Riggs previews the plans and goals for The Intersection--Where the Energy and Tech Worlds Meet. We discuss people, policies, diversity, and UTC's upcoming Annual Telecom & Technology Conference. Meet us at the Intersection!